Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weird Weird Weird. ~

I went to bed at 1am. I can't sleep until 2.30am. I was lying on the bed but not asleep. I felt pressure because I can't sleep. Turning right and left. Trying to use another pillow. Still can't sleep. :'( Burst into tears at 2am. Still awake. And went to bed at 2.15am like that, I'm not sure, that time I was asleep or awake. Half dead, half alive!

Thursday ~ The same daily routine. Writing blog seemed to be boring already~ But I won't stop until I'm fully busy with homework! I wish I won't had to.

Started class with Mathematics (my favourite subject).. I was always energetic on that class. Because I love it. I am not tired learning those numbers and formula. The next class, Geografi. Teacher was absent again. Disappointed. On that class, I kept myself busy by doing mathematics questions. I glanced at B.Teng's watch once. It was 1010am already. Then..... Recess~ Recess~ Recess~

After that, it's art class. I was not talented on art. I don't like art class. I hate it. Me and my friends did a presentation. But I think our presentation were absolute bad. Last class, Moral. I used to like Moral class at old school because Puan Shahilah and Encik Mazlan got alot of activities for us! So fun. But in the new school, no more. Maybe the style of teaching is different or this teacher is lazy to prepare us with activities that can also built moral values in us.

Moral~ teacher asked us to do something about family tradition. Me and my group already finished doing it, so, we played cards. Played with S.Man, B.Teng, Sri and Vinosa. But I'm not very happy. Because, when playing, out of a sudden, something hit my head from the back. It was a bag. Luckily, the bag wasn't very heavy. If not, the cells in my head sure bleed. I thought it was Sri because Sri was straight behind me. But it wasn't. It was KKS(Siong)'s good work. He was lucky, my mood today was okay :)

After I reached home for some moments, the rain started to fall. Luckily, I came home early. When I was at the lobby of my condominium. A little primary school girl said thank you to me because I opened the access door for her. She is very cute. But I never say welcome. I just smile. Seem rude hor? I think so. Then, after eating lunch, I switched on the computer. And online. I chat with Andy Lee for some moments and he suddenly said, tonight I will call you. I not yet said 'huh?' He already offline. Weird!

amy _nmk.

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