Saturday, March 14, 2009

^^ chocolate..

My eldest sister bought alot of chocolates from Langkawi.. Most of them are in the fridge now.. I only ate toblerone chocolate from all these i-dont-know chocolate.. But yesterday dad gave me and my second sister an unknown chocolate each.. I don't know what chocolate it was.. So, I just put it into my mouth thinking that it was normal chocolate.. Oh My God, it's not sweet.. It's bitter instead.. Chocolate should be sweet.. It contains wine.. Oh no.. It's not delicious but was very expensive.. I was wondering why my eldest sister wanted to buy it.. Weirdoo :D

Yesterday, I don't know why.. Many people smsed me.. About 4-5 people at almost the same time! I replied them until my fingers also got sour for typing non-stop.. And my credit.. was still okay because most of them are 012 / 017 hotlink users.. Good good (: Sorry if I replied your message slow..

My target for this holiday is > I wanted to finish my homework before Sunday.. Homework very little only! He he.. Then, next week, I shall read a thick English story book that dad asked me to do so! And I also will appreciate this holiday because after this holiday, we will be having exam on May that I don't want to lose to someone that is so boastful and proud! Enjoy to the fullest.. Yeehooo!

Waoo.. My parents is going to China (Beijing) next Sunday for 8 days.. I hope they will enjoy themselves! But my lunch and dinner got problem lo.. Mum is not here! Meaning food also won't be here! Aiyaa.. Need to go outside buy or cook ourselves maggi! ==' Anyway, I wish they will capture nice picture and scenery for me to see.. (=

How many hours do you sleep in a day? I would probably sleep 10 hours per day.. 12am-6am and 3-6pm respectively.. It is too much? My mood is getting better today because I slept more! But I felt there is emptiness in me.. Something is missing!

MQ 8888 CY..


Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

lol....bitter chocolate very healthy.......but not delicious,but i love it!(both la ^^)
and ur parents go to Bei Jing this Sunday?? suggest u go ur friend's house to eat ur dinner!maggi not healthy if eat too many!
who's house arr???ermm........haha....this suggest quite stupid!

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

...or cook urself if u know how to cook =="(except maggi)

amy 黄美琪 said...

lol.. i will go out buy de.. i won't eat maggi everyday.. everyday eat, will be crazy de ==