Friday, March 13, 2009

So headache..

I have no comment.. I can't defend for things that I don't have reasons to defend for.. I'm a pessimistic person.. I have nothing to say bout it.. I'm confuse over so many things and many matters.. I have a lot of questions if YOU allow me to ask and to question them! And if YOU allow me to know the truth of everything.. But I don't have that power to understand every one's feeling..

I don't lie to myself! But I often cheat myself.. I assume that everybody likes me.. As a friend or as anything.. I live for nobody? I live for myself? I live by myself? I do live alone? I always try to be optimistic but do this really help?

P/S : This post is not about anything.. It's just something that I don't understand.. Could anybody teaches me what is this? What is LOVE towards family and friends? And what is TRUE friends or TRUE love?

I'm so gonna be crazy sooner or later! I admit that * **** ***.. *stretches head?*

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