Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On Tuesday 3rd March.. Exam that were being tested were BM, BI, Moral and Maths.. Quite tired because after these exams, I need to revise for tomorrow's.. Bm, I was doing it OK.. Bi also quite easy, but teacher never tell us we need to do summary.. Out of a sudden and all of the english words are quite hard! Moral, got 50 questions, my eyes are turning round and round.. Because most of my energy are already used up.. Soon, the last test of the day is Maths~ the objectives were quite easy, as I brought my sciencetific calculator and the subjectives were a little hard..

On Wednesday 4th March.. Having Science, Geografi, History and KH living skill.. All of them were killer papers.. Science, although I revised alot in this subject, but there was still something I don't remember.. Sympathy :( Geografi was easy as the teacher already gave us many clues before the exam! History, I think I can answer 80% of it.. But I'm not sure it's fully correct or not.. KH, a little confusing there..

But all the papers were easier than I thought it will be... Thanks god.. I hope I will get A in all subjects.. And I already got my BM's marks.. I got 88% and the highest is 96%! I were on about the fourth highest! EVER AGAIN ( number 8 ).. I'm going to love 8 veyr much!

Funny things >>

1. While we were studying for History.. Sya came to my place to revise with me.. Then the teacher asked her to sit back on her place.. She said ' 老师,不要跟你好了' (Teacher, don't want to be good with you le) with her funny and cute voice.. This speech make me laugh non-stop!

2. When the exam finished at 1.10pm, me, B.Teng and S.Man were pulling each other hand.. They pulled my hand first de.. And also press my stomach.. Then they said, got girls' war! LOL..

3. We were passing a paper with the notice of 'Manisha is marrying this saturday in Dewan Ibukota.. Not I started it, they passed the paper to me and asked me to pass in front.. LOL..

:D :D :D At 1.10pm today, we were jumping... So happy :) Exam - The End..

ExAm tEsTer amy ng :)

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