Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quite happy about it..

5th March.. Went to school like usual.. My sister accompanied me :) ha ha.. The bell rings on time! To the class at 7.40am like that.. Nothing special la..

Until our maths teacher came in, we got our papers.. Of course and for sure, Sri was the highest with 98%.. Unbelievable.. But then, I knew I wont get the highest because he is so so professional.. I got 90% for the test.. Very happy because I'm the second highest.. SM, B.Teng and Sya was so excited because I can beat Vinosa who got the highest last year.. But I think I can't beat them neither in BM nor Maths in mid-year exam.. This March test is not very important, so maybe they don't do it really hard.. AND... SM accidentally tore my maths paper into two pieces.. OMG..

Nothing special happened till the last class (Moral).. Me, B.Teng and S.Man saw our class teacher and we went to tell her about our opinions on the class painting on Saturday.. We don't quite agree with purple.. Last week, all my classmates agree with apple green.. But teacher told us loads of unreasonable reason.. One of it was, she likes the colour.. And she also scolded us for that.. I'm so not happy with it.. I got many things to complain about the school! Anyway, she ignored us after that.. So, we went back into the moral class and start debating.. Me, Sri, Vinosa, S.Phing, S.Man, B.Teng, Z.Yin were debating about our own opinions.. Sri will be a very good lawyer if he wants to! He is excellent for debating.. His reasons was reasonable and good points coming out from him.. But I'm happy because I have already say out all my opinions.. But I think SP and Sri got some misunderstanding.. he he =D

I'm quite happy now with my new school.. But just some minor minor complains to be made soon after! I got some new friends already~ They are treating me goodly.. Hope I can be friends with everybody.. Hope I wont have any enemy.. ^^

Ignores me, if you do think that I'm crazy.. he he..


Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

she tore ur math paper??

tee me how does she tore the paper!!

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

tell*(lol...type too quick because I think that will an interesting thing happen before shi man tear ur paper into two part!)