Saturday, March 21, 2009

Green Dae~

Ha ha ha.. I already finished reading my story book yesterday.. I had achieved my target for this holiday.. Yuhuu~ I can start my school with an open heart. No regret. No disappointment. No frustration! I would like to continue reading another story book the next holiday. Around May? I think it is after the mid-year exam.. My birthday is in May too..

My parents went out for wedding lunch.. Usually people go to wedding dinner.. But I don't know why my parents were going for wedding lunch.. Sounds weird isn't it? Anyway, they went out.. I don't want to say I was all alone.. But yes, I was all alone. Loneliness. I am use to it. Lonely in the house. Surfing net. Or sleeping.

Out of a sudden, I heard the bell. 'ding-dong'. I thought it was my parents. Maybe they forgot to bring something. Of course, I peeped through the eye-peeper before I open the door. I didn't saw my mum nor my dad. It was a Malay man in his middle 30, I think.. I don't know who he is..So, of course I never open the door. That's what my parents always teach me since I was a child. The man kept pressing the bell. I was shocked. Who is he? I never saw him before. I heard him saying the word 'management'.. Then, he missed to nowhere.. I heard him calling somebody by the cellphone.. I was so scared.. I questioned myself.. Is he calling his gang to come and kidnap me? (silly thoughts) (i knew nobody will come to kidnap me) (if he was to kidnap me, he was ways too silly)! I was wrong of course, after 15 minutes, he was gone.. I don't know where he had gone to. I don't dare to open the door.

I'm waiting for my parents to come home in any minutes now. Maybe they are on their way or maybe still celebrating with the bride and bridegroom for their meaningful day. Or maybe they were already in the condo. I don't know. Just keep waiting.

Scary Scary Scary.

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