Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday night, my aunties, uncles and cousins were coming over to my house.. To say goodbye to my parents because they are leaving Malaysia today, and travelling to China for the duration of a week.. They came at 8pm and the adults started chit-chatting.. It looks more like a family gathering.. At about 11pm, we planned to go down to eat supper at the mamak store.. We were about 10 peoples there, the mamak people there also confuse on what we wanted to eat! We ate something not so heavy and a cup of tea.. Dad treat us all for the supper. Thanks dad.

After that, we, children went to the playground in my condominium while adults were sitting near the swimming pool and talking.. ha ha.. Me, my second sister, Simone and Chyng Yee started singing while sitting on the swing.. Sounds crazy and at the same time, COOL.. We don't have good voice. I mean me. We sang Chinese, English and even Malay songs! A group of teenagers were there, I guess they were to celebrate a birthday party for their friends.. I think we scared them.. At 12am, my cousins and their parents went back home..

Today, my parents are going to BeiJing for a week. I really hope they could enjoy themselves. They rarely go out-station since they have my eldest sister bout 20 years ago.. I was quite upset, also quite happy.. I was upset, I couldn't see them for a week.. I was miserable for that.. I was happy because finally, they are going somewhere far - not like Genting Highland or somewhere in Malaysia.. Moreover, their trips could also make me more discipline and brave..

I send them till the guardhouse of my condominium only! The 'limo' was there waiting for them.. Sounds elegant.. Ha Ha.. The cab came was only a waja.. A limo waja.. These cabs were special.. Sending passengers to KLIA only.. I kissed my mom and said good-bye to my dad. When the cab driver drove off, I went back.. At the moment I reached home, my tears started coming out.. Shame.. And I stopped after writing this blog~

My parents often quarrel.. Actually,not very often.. Sometimes is the word that could mostly describe the amount of them quarreling.. Maybe that is how marriage works.. I love my parents more than anybody could, maybe my sisters!

Tomorrow start school lo.. Journey continued..
Lonesome ;'(
Amy MeiQi..

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