Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harsh. Unfaithful.

Went to school today for sports. There was 3 activities I have joined. Firstly, high jump ( lompat tinggi ). All girls failed to jump. Ha ha. Then, lontar peluru. I don't know what it is called in English. I threw quite far. Passed. But almost hitting Puan Inthirah. She said don't throw so near her. Ha ha. First joke I heard from her. After some moments, we went for running. I think it was about 150 metres. I got the second place over 8 runners. Tomorrow, If not mistaken. I'm going to Taman Melati school to run. I represent my rumah sukan for 200m and 4x400m. Hard missions! Exhausted.

I hardly wanted to say about my new friends. I don't dare to say about them. They were sweet and harsh at the same time. Unpredictable things. I don't want to talk about old story at old school. I knew I shouldn't compare them since the very first day.

Today, something make me disappointed. Really disappointed. I thought after having 3months friendship with them, it will be like m friendship with ***! But my friends. The new friends, were not as what I thought. They were extremely cool and hot.

The first thing happened today was *.**** pressed my stomach many times although I asked her not to do so. Secondly, they always tease me with one senior which I think was just my friend. Cruel. Other friends said they do like that because they are jealous and to make me angry. But jealous of what? I got nothing to be jealous of.

Third thing three, when doing homework, they copied my answer. I don't care about it. But after I went to the toilet with *** ***, they erase my answer with liquid paper. I thought my answer was wrong. Then, when I wanted to ask them why they erase it. They said teacher said the answer was wrong. I wanted to ask what is the real answer. They don't let me to see it! This is the mad part. My heart was bursting. After that, I asked my teacher. She said my old answer was correct. They were so so so so irresponsible. Good for nothing.

I think I should blog less. I wanted to concentrate on my studies. Ha ha, trying to put the blame on blog. But it wasn't. The reason was I am lazy. :')

31 / 3/ 09.
April-fool tomorrow. Get ready with it. Ha ha.
Here, I wanted to wish my old school senior Ong Jun Wee.
Hope his surgery tomorrow will success 100%!


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Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

...poor little girl= =
that terrible....i thought only boy will do that..o.0!
....that *.**** and *** ***......i think i know who are them.....and ur friend ong jun wee...maybe i dunno him..o.O
but i wish him will be fine and success in the surgery......sorry ya...my english not very good= =