Monday, March 30, 2009


Ha ha. My parents came home from Beijing at last. I thought they will arrive on 3am but I think their flights have been postponed for 12hours. They departed at 3pm and reached home at 6pm. I was sleeping that time when they pressed the bell.

I was so excited. Excited that I don't need to be alone anymore. Don't need to eat outside food. And I will have my souvenirs. He he. So happy.

I was surprised because I saw rashes on their legs. They said it's cold over there and they haven't adapt to it. So, those rashes occurred. Malaysia is normally 37 degree Celsius. While Beijing is currently 2-15 degree Celsius. Hope those rashes will gone soon! They said it will gone in 2days time. Hope so!

About my souvenirs. He he he! Mummy bought many things. But I see daddy's expression wasn't so happy. Ha ha. Mummy don't save on shopping. 'Daddy, be patient ba!'. He he. Mummy bought jacket, handbag, facial products, jewelleries, silk, food and some souvenirs for relatives.

The jacket, so huge! And I knew it's not for me. Handbag, it's 'Prada' branded and mummy already started using it. Hence, it's not mine! Facial products - pearl powder worth Malaysia RM120. This one is for me. Mum said my face got quite a lot pimples, so it's suitable for me! But I scared got allergies. Jewelleries, mum bought a ring and a necklace worth RM100 each. Probably for both my elder sisters. I also got a lot souvenirs from Beijing. They also bought silky thing. I'm not sure what it was. It's expensive ~ around RM1700. Mummy bought many food from China. They said it's delicious.

Ha ha, no wonder why daddy's not very happy. Mummy bought so many things. Just kidding. He he, from the pictures they had captured, I can see they enjoyed their trips. =)


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