Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hill climbing - very tired..

An 'Oh My God' from me! Perhaps, this will be my first and last experience? My family and I went to F.R.I.M today. We climbed the hill.. The hill is so high up.. My energy is now fully spent! Because yesterday, went for cross country which was around 5km.. My battery of energy was charging this morning and now, I used up all.. How to go to school tomorrow arr?

Let me tell you the real story.. We went to Kepong Desa Dua at 12pm.. Got people wanted to see our house.. But I think they were not interested to rent it (as I see their faces)! I felt like sleeping in the house that doesn't have mattress or sofa! At 1.30pm, my family and I ( daddy, mummy, grandmother, aunt melissa, bilal and me) went to FRIM.. We played badminton there until 3pm.. Aunt Joanne and family arrived on time..

Aunt melissa and Bilal said that the hill is very high and steep.. And I dont really believe.. They said, grandmother and my mother better not to follow as it's hard for them to climb the hill with slippers.. I took grandmother to the cafeteria.. But my mum is following as she believed she can!

We started our journey at 3.45pm(aunt melissa said it would take only one hour to complete the journey).. Initially, it's quite easy~ But after we reached the canopy hill, it's so hard.. Mum stopped several times as she couldn't bear it anymore.. She was very tired.. We walked and climbed till 1000 feet above the sea level.. 1000 feet equals to 200 amy ng may kay's height! Can you believe? I was very tired already.. We rested for a while.. And then continued our journey down back to the foot hill..

Very slippery.. So scared~ because I was very worried about my parents' safety.. They are not very young.. But my dad is okay because he goes to the gym very frequently~! Pity my mum, she was fully exhausted~ Aunt, uncle and my cousins were walking so fast.. Me, my dad and mum walking at the back, so slowly.. Very very steep.. Wondering if we could reach the foot hill safely..

Soon at 5pm.. We saw a waterfall.. We washed our hands there.. So cold and refreshing ^^.. We were so scared because we already heard the thundering sound when we only completed 3/4 of the journey.. We continued, and it started to rain.. Drizzling only.. Seriously, it was so slippery.. They walked so fast that I couldn't see them anymore ( it's so dark and my heart beat very fast) I was very very scared.. They didn't wait for us.. So bad :'(

We then reached at 5.30pm ( already 1 hour and 45 minutes )!! Raining cats and dogs already.. So, we went to a hut to take shelter.. Haih, raining more and more heavily.. While sitting in the shelter, I cried.. Because I am so afraid.. Tuesday is gonna be my first exam day.. And I haven't started my revision! My aunts said don't worry, keep cool but they don't understand my feeling.. I wished I can go back home as soon as possible because my leg was very painful and I had headache~ Bilal then drove the car and sent us back to the car park where my dad parked his car..

We reached home at 6.30pm :'( I washed my dad's shoes and my shoes.. So tired~ Really tired.. Ate my dinner and start writing my blog here.. Hope that tomorrow I can spend most of my time for revision...

AMY NG.. 100% restless..
"I am very scared that we will get lost in the forest.."

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