Saturday, February 28, 2009


Waooo.. So tire.. Super tire.. That's all I can describe for 28th FEB.. I ran from SMKDK to SJK(c) Lee Rubber and ran back to SMKDK.. They said it's around 5km.. I was running under the hot hot sun.. The feeling was so terrible! I would have fainted if.........

We started running at 9am.. We got our tag number.. Mine is G558 (G for Gamma).. I told B.Teng, I would like to have G888 if possible because 8 (八 ba) is a lucky number ma... She said, number 8 is not good because like [ba po / busybody]! While running, I stopped several times but I always think about my sister who have got number 1 in her school cross country every year.. That made me ran as fast as I could.. This morning before going to school, my sister gave me some advices.. Eventually, I arrived at my destination at about 10am.. I got number 8 in [girl class 2 (form 2 & 3)]! Competing with form 3 girls!!! Yeay, i can beat them.. Today is gonna be my '8' day.. I felt so happy!

We went back to school compound and rested.. B.Teng's purse gone missing.. Pity her.. I understood her feeling because my purse was also gone missing last month! This school have many thieves.. I told W.Jien to go to the gent's to check if B.Teng's missing purse is there.. No, didn't have.. I went around asking people whether they saw it or not.. Still couldn't find..

Sharp at 11am, I went up to the podium to collect my medal.. Wuhuuu, really very happy.. Only 1-10 can get medals.. Many people cheered for me because I'm Kota Gamma's member.. SP(Kota Delta) got number 3! Congrats.. Reached home at 11.30am.. I was very happy because my parents were very happy too as I got a good performance.. I will do anything as long as my parents and family are happy! =)

Happy + tire + dark May Kay..
I'm very dark.. The sun did something to my skin.. Haih -.-

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