Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm back on action..

Nevertheless, I am back on action to write blogs.. Actually, I don't really know how to use the word 'nevertheless'.. I always see my daddy write paragraphs or comments with those beautiful words.. I also want to learn those beautiful language from him! He is really a good English writer.. His English was so cool..

Am I busy lately? Probably N and O.. NO.. But I don't feel well.. I don't know why.. I felt depressed although I'm okay in family, friends and studies matters.. They are very good to me..

Uhmm.. Currently, my school have an exam.. March exam.. For those who had read my previous post, they shall know that I have the exam! There are 8 subjects that we took.. BM, BI, SN, MT, GEO, SEJ and KH.. 6 of 8 of the subjects' results are out..
Latest results:
BM : 88% (A)
BI : 94% (A)
MT : 90% (A)
SN : 76% (A)
SEJ : 84% (A)
KH :94% (A)
I got none of them the highest.. But I'm proud that I got all OKAY results.. For these six papers, I'm the second position in class.. Sri Kabbelan is making me crazy~ha ha.. just kidding la.. He is really a professional.. No offense.. But I'm very very excited because I got 6 A's now.. Sri and Vinosa got 5 As 1B each.. My biggest hope now is to get straight As for my march exam!! Hope la..

Wednesday.. Raining drizzling all day long! I got coccuriculum like usual.. But very weird because I only attended 1 of the 3 club.. I never 'ponteng' lehh.. It's just, teacher said everything was cancelled..

Firstly at 1.10pm, mummy, daddy and sister brought me lunch (wao, everyone came to give me the lunch)! ka ka.. After eating lunch with my friends, we went to the lab.. We were having a lecture on astronomy.. Amazing! Astronomy is cool! :) The lecture ends at 3.45pm sharp.. After that, we were being told that all activities was cancelled.. B.Teng started calling her mother to fetch her home.. I never go home because it's raining and I never bring my umbrella!! So boring.. But luckily, SS accompanied me.. We went searching for people to chit-chat..

Then, we saw people playing chess.. Lim Teck Yu and some other seniors.. We watched them playing till about 6pm! ha ha ha.. I was very tired ooo.. Cannot bear to walk much anymore.. :') I felt happy today.. Super happy.. I don't understand my feeling.. But I'm the one who understand me the most!


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