Thursday, March 12, 2009

No pain No gain..

Eventually, the 'no pain no gain' quote is right.. I don't really understand.. Sometimes, I don't sacrifice to study.. Uhmm.. I don't know how to express it out! It is a complicated matter..

Let's talk bout another topic.. Today, we got our Moral result.. I was higher than Sri in Moral and BM.. Same marks in BI.. but Sri said something that make me upset or how to said it, depress? He said, this exam he was just playing and so, he also can get higher marks then me.. I was like 'ohmygod'.. Why this boy need to say these things.. I knew he was much better than me, but the way he express it is totally wrong? I don't bother what he said.. I will try my best in my mid-year exam!

I was quite quiet in school today.. Because I don't know what to talk to others.. Apparently, my superhyper-active action in school is GONE.. I'm a very boring person, as you can see it! But I'm not that type of not talking and studying.. I was not talking and dreaming all over the places.. LOL.. Nothing special :)

One more subject to go to know what position I will be in the class.. Now, I already have 7A's and I hope I could get A in Geografi also!

The whole day today, my dad gives me lecture.. You could said he is very 'chang qi' ( annoying ) but I think his words could be useful for me someday later.. He asked me to start reading story books because we have a lot in our house.. The books is so THICK, how can I read?? He asked me to search for any tuition for mind mapping or grammar for better English! He asked me to study study study and don't sleep so much.. Aiyaya! Daddy arr.. Sleep is a must for me.. I must sleep at afternoon and at night.. If not, I don't have energy for anything! he he he he =D I will try my best to improve English de.. No worries!

Amy Ng May Kay

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