Monday, March 16, 2009

Low Low Low Low..

According to the title today, I was low? haha.. Just kidding nahh.. I was high today but unfortunately, aimless! I write the blog's title LOW because I just listened to the song 'Low' by Flo Rida :) I got to go to Youtube to listen to songs because all my songs in computer went missing because last week, this computer was sent to reformat.. The songs that I have uploaded for a year is now all missing.. Chinese, English, Japenese and Korean.. All missing :( I don't want to load songs to my computer anymore.. Such a waste of time only..

What I did today? And yesterday night? I already started reading a thick english story book.. Luckily, my hand want to touch books this holiday.. If I don't touch books on the first day of the school holiday, I won't touch books for the whole holiday for sure! I slept early yesterday after reading only 30 pages of the thick story book.. I'm so weak right? 30 pages also can get tire.. I wish I could finish reading it by this sunday..

Seriously, I'm really a chocolate-addict now.. Blame my eldest sister who bought so many bar of chocolates.. Hehehehe, reaaallly, just kidding.. Later if she read this blog, she will kill me for sure.. And she won't give me to eat any of the chocolate anymore.. I wanted to post the pictures of chocolates and whiskey she bought but no bluetooth in this computer and my sister's laptop was sent to reformat and to repair the motherboard!!

Yesterday, I remembered something funny during BI class last week.. When the teacher said, don't always take picture of yourself ; And you know what?? SM shouted loudly amy amy, amy always take picture of herself ( chinese ).. I was shocked.. Huh? Uhmm.. I admit that take I pictures of myself but not very oftenly and not these porn pictures.. She never heard that teacher said it was abnormal and 'er xin' de pictures!!! Haih.. SM oh SM, please concentrate on what teacher says.. ^^

>> To get to the top is tough but to remain in the top is tougher..
Amy Ng May Kay 16th March 09

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