Monday, March 16, 2009

Second post of 16 / 3..

Today is not a special day.. Neither my birthday nor any body's birthday.. I wanted to write every single thing I did on every single day! This is the second post..

Just now, my dad asked me to go to the gym with him.. I refused because I don't feel like going! But I felt sorry because I didn't accompany him and nowadays, very rarely, I go to the gym nor swimming which is my hobby.. My dad pays nearly RM 200 for the maintenance every month but I didn't occupied or use it.. Such a waste! I was at home drinking Milo because this morning I never drink it (forget to drink it) and eating chipsmore.. I get more heavier and fat when it's holiday because I have nothing to do and only think of eating something! ha ha ha ha..

I was wondering what can I do except reading story books, searching for the meaning in dictionary which I think is quite useful.. And writing blog here + waiting for people in my msn to say HI to me.. What a silly girl I'm.. Do you have any idea on how to spend my times during holiday except for these above?

Raining outside.. Blur view of KLCC or even cannot see the KLCC! I'm so desperate..
AMY NG MAY KAY - the most crazy and meaningless and aimless and silly person. :(

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