Saturday, March 7, 2009

^^ Saturday - The painting day..

LOL.. The title is quite funny right? Today, I went to school to paint my class.. My class is now purple in colour~ Although I don't like that colour much, but I appreciate it because I did it with my own sweat and energies.. Some of my hardworking classmates did come.. Some others didn't turn up because of laziness!!!

I reached school at 8.15am~ That time, I only saw several of them.. Some more, teacher also not yet come.. Sharp at 10am, only the teacher arrived.. She is like VIP! We went to the class.. The boys went out for breakfast.. Hence, we, girls need to carry the 'P' type chair from classroom to outside~

After that, me, SS and SP went out to buy a tool named 'pengikis'! We planned to call SM go to school with us as she and BT didn't come.. We buy the tool near her house, so we went to her house and called her.. She was eating a big bowl of mee for breakfast.. She don't want to go to school but we force her.. She didn't finish up her mee and followed us to school..

At school, we started painting~ Omg, what a disaster.. My pant is now PURPLE IN COLOUR too~! Painting is a tiring work.. I also took some photos although SM don't like.. We used alot of paints.. Now, my class is so messy.. They didn't finish painting it yet.. We are planning to continue next week because of our tiredness..

I wanna give some awards to them.. They are super-hardworking and they are eager to help the class.. Unlike others, they love the class and SO DO I..
* Raffiq, Hamzah, Sri, S.Phing, Sya, Adam, Natasha, Akma :) Haha..

The creative painter, amy =)
2DK11 the most purplish class..
Nice job everybody..

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