Friday, March 6, 2009

Are you boring?

Are you boring reading my blog? Everyday the same things. Moreover, my english is not very good.. But I don't feel boring writing because everyday I try to write the same things but changing the words.. :D

FRIDAY~ Shall be a happy day because it's the last day to go to school for the week.. But, not very happy because tomorrow must go to school to paint the class.. Haih.. I must wake up at 8am tomorrow..

Today, I was almost late for school.. Today I got 2 exam papers! Sejarah, I got 84%.. KH, I got 94%, highest in Cik Aida's class.. But if is count according to class, Sri and Vinosa are the highest with 98%! Unbeatable! Also, by counting these 4 subjects, I'm leading by the second place in class.. Now I have collected 4A's already! :) :) Another 4 subjects to go.. I hope I will get straight A's and top 3 in class.. My family members will be happy if I get OKAY result!

Current result :
Bahasa Malaysia : 88% ( highest:96% )
Mathematics : 90% ( highest:98% )
Kemahiran Hidup : 94% ( highest according cik aida's class )
Sejarah : 84% ( highest:92% )

We ( 6 of us ) [ S.Phing, Z.Yin, S.Man, B.Teng, Sya and me ].. They wrote letter to their friend (ex-classmate), Kai Sing because she moved school already.. They asked me to write a letter for her also although I don't know who is she.. ha ha ha~ SM pinch my face so many times already.. She said I'm very cute.. But I see her face, chubbier than mine.. I hope I can pinch her face also~

Then, when I reached my condominium, I saw a grandmother beat her grandson.. Her grandson cried very loudly.. Very sympathy le :'( I took a cat nap from 2pm until 5pm.. With that as evidence, you can see I am very tire..

Would you die for me?
- amy - meiqi - kaykay -
= unbeatable pessimistic =
Another thing, I hate people cheat during examination.. So lame!

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