Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time Time Time Time~

Time flew so fast on this day.. It was like an emergency for a car to speed.. Holiday is going to end soon.. Now it's like, just a few days before school re-open.. I'm excited for the school days.. I'm happy with it.. I love school but sometimes, when there isn't anybody who talks to me in school, I felt boring and I hate school..

I looked at the clock.. The clock hanging on the wall of the living room of my home.. My home sweet home~ It was 1.30pm.. I started reading my story book.. I can't stop talking about the story book until I finish reading it.. The second time I looked at the clock was 5pm sharp.. Thinking, using my mind to calculate 5 - 1.5 = 3.5 = 3 hours and 30 minutes.. Any mathematics error there? I have use 3.5 hours to read 60 over pages.. Just 60 over pages of the story book.. I think I am a slow reader.. Unlike my parents or sisters who can just read 100 pages in maybe 2hours..

Kaa-booomm.. I received a message from my cousin.. Little cousin.. Not little just two months younger than me.. She called me jiejie 姐姐 although we are in the same form.. Form 2! Sometimes, when she called me amy jiejie, I felt proud and at the same time, I felt old..

In the message, she wrote ' Holiday!! So bored. Come to my house larhx '.. That the type of message she will write - with the larhx, duhh, lehh, etc.. And I replied, ' If I got a car on my own, I will go to your house for sure.. My parents are going to China this weekend.. So I don't think we can meet this holiday.. Perhaps next holiday '.. This was the way I were to send message to friends and family- the serious type and sometimes, will add the word ha ha, he he.. She then replied ' Nevermind, I can lend you my private plane to come over '.. LOL.. And a last message from her ' I just got inform that my plane was being stolen lerhx.. Did you stole it? '

We kept on playing sms for just an hour because messaging her is expensive.. She is 018 users.. She is now a matured girl as you can see in her friendster, acting a little tomboy, a little too matured for the words she wrote.. She got her very own little sister - cute Chyng Yee.. But she still act childish in front of me.. And for me, she is still my very own little cousin sister.. :)

Busy but Enjoy..
Quiet mixed dengan Kecoh..
Happy campur with Sad..
Simple tapi Memorable..
Sweet + Sour + Salty + Bitter..
Love and Faith =)
-amy-kaykay- *this is me*..

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