Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elaine's opinion on 18th March..

Elaine said :
What come to mind when I say going to Town?
Yes of course ,the using of cash$$$$$$$$$$.......
Do you believe that we can spend less if we know how to control ourselves with the temptation of a variety of food in Malayia!
There are mcD,KFC,Burger king,keropok-kerepek,cin-long-pau,bake biscuits,nasi campur,nasi goreng,nasi kerabu,mee goreng,pan mee,wantan mee also have.......blablablablabla.
Well differ people have differ opinion,with a lackadaisical attitude will only bring us no way!
Curious?Why I suddenly said some out of the topic that I wanted to tell .
Yes,I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and discovered that it isn't long for us to dump our love one at one side and decided to take care of them only when we are about to loose them forever.
Well,then again have we ever take every things for granted?
The movie also shown a combination of different part in Titanic,Pearl Harbour,and on its own!

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