Monday, April 27, 2009

Knowledge / Educational Monday.

The word Knowledge is from my lovely creator.
While the word Education is from me.

There is a two-days grammar workshop. All the 2dk10, 2dk11, 3dk8 and 3dk9's students were at the school hall for this workshop. It will be held for, as I said two days. Today is the first day and tomorrow will be the second.

Very proudly, I would said that I'm happy because I needn't attend classes. And which means, no homework. I arrived school. The assembly today wasn't short at all. It was long. Because of the prize-giving for students whom had won from competition. It ended at around 8.30am, I guess. I didn't bring my watch. So, just guessing.

Started the workshop. At first, I was sitting in the third row from front but after a while, teacher asked us (form2) to move to the back. And I was in the second last row. I couldn't see the screen very well. The teacher was humorous and funny. I was amused.

Nothing special happened. We recess at 10.30am which means half an hour later than usual. AT 11am, we continued. Did some exercises given from the teacher and then there was an activity that required 6 boys and 6 girls. I rushed to the front. Hoping I can answer and to beat the boys. I was the first and very embarrassing, I lose. Ke kez.

Headed to the classroom at 12.30pm. Maths class. None of us brought the text books. So, teacher just explained some Maths formulas. Puan Norizan never stop teaching. As long as there is time, then she will teach us. I'm really happy to have a teacher like her. Hard to get this type of teacher.

= To be continue tomorrow =

Seriously, I will less blogging until the mid-year exam.[Only if I can] I'm lazy to type through the keyboard now. I'm panic and scare for my exam. I will totally be out of top 3. Laziness.


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