Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frustrated Tuesday.

Actually, it wasn't very frus. But there's an acne on my face. A quite big pimple! Oh My God. It makes me looks pretty ugly!! It's located below my nose. It is big and it is quite obvious.

This morning.. A very simple assembly. And right after the assembly, the 'Grammar workshop' continues. Me and my friends just listen to the teacher(lecturer) but not very attentively.. We were playing and chatting. B.Teng kept poking my belly/stomach. I was FRUSTRATED(1) on that. Yes, kinda. I was very mad and I don't bother her anymore after that. I wasn't very active on the activities that were given by the teacher.

Before recess, the workshop was totally BORING. I was FRUSTRATED(2) on that too. During recess time, KKSiong dropped his money (coins). I helped him to take it because he missed out one of it. So, I was shouting ' ehh ehh '. He didn't hear me at first but finally when he heard me, he turned and I gave the money on his hand. Unfortunately, the 10cents coin dropped into the drain. Causing me being teased by them. FRUSTRATED(3) because I was trying to be kind-hearted but being teased back. Lucky, I said sorry but he don't mind. He said "bu yong jing". So, bu yong jing lo.

But after recess, the workshop turned better. There was an activity which required us to change the sentences from Malay to English. It was hard, though. No body managed to get it all correct. But at least I had tried. There were about 10 students tried but none get the RM30 (offered by the teacher). B.Teng was so mad that I lose. Because of not getting the money-prize? She was mad because I couldn't make it. I wasn't sad yet. She angry already. FRUSTRATED(4)

After that, the teacher gave us a piece a paper which contained lyrics of "My Love (West life)". It wasn't complete. We were needed to fill in the blanks. Anyway, I knew all the answers because that was MY SONG. He he. It belongs to our group," PEAS ". This group was built by me, my sister and my two cousins. That song is our main theme song! Ka kax. After singing for two times, the event ended officially after two days..

We, 2DK11, went into the library and our History teacher gave a some quiz to answer. After completing, we needed to sent in and teacher gave the paper to another student to mark it. My paper was being corrected by KKSiong. =.= My lucks are so GOOD. Eventually? FRUTRATED(5).

After all, the workshop wasn't very interesting. But don't take things for granted. Appreciate already~



XiiaoBenDan said...

omg...is it 30?@@
i writien wrong -.-
by the way...
at least you try your best on it =P

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

hehe. u understand me.
j.eng also understand me.
but that two REAL 'yam jin' people dont understand me. scold me because i lose.

amyway, thanks.

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

u lost and been scold by ur friend.....but u already did ur best.....and..hehe, now can teach me wat u learned from the english workshop....sigh,it's only allow 2dk 10, 2 dk 11, 3 dk 9 and 3 dk 10...sigh

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

okay. here's the simple lesson.
i think 'xiao ben dan' also can teach.

singular = verb + S.
plural= verb (no S)

verb is divided into two.
non action and action.
action. eg: jump, plays.
non- action. eg: is, are, has.

that's all only. i think not worth paying rm15 cause i already learn that in primary..

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

some more?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

Somemore ar?
Want me teach you how to sing the sone 'MY LOVE'. kaka. kidding.

The verb after can, might, could, should, shall and others, DONT ADD 'S'!

We learned not much lah. Waste our times downstair. Missed out so many classes already. But the grammar sticked on my head better.

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

haha....then ur head will become jumbo....haha
and..hehe....some more?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

this jumbohead quite fussy de wor.
still want somemore?
dont have already~
if got also i forgot already.
ask doraemon or xiao ben dan. :)

i dunwan be jumbohead second version. ^@

XiiaoBenDan said...

i also forgot...
ask doraemon F3

Anonymous said...

i didn't hear what the teacher said don't ask me

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

j.eng was like very scared ppl ask her what the event was.
anyway, its kinda boring leh.

zainalalieff said...

wow amy! now u're good in english!

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

same like dulu.
why say like that?