Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lonesome Thursday.

Today, went to school like usual. Same routine every weekday~ Reached school. S.Man asked me to change the time of counseling to Seni class. Although I don't like Seni class, but I need to attend every class, not even missing one. So, I refused. S.Man persuaded me. I got to say okay. They went to meet the teacher but teacher wasn't available that time. So, we took Geo class which was before recess. Missed that class. Very rugi!!

After recess~ Seni. Teacher explained about how to do the folio. After that, teacher let us to do our own things. So, I did the Maths homework that Puan Norizan gave. New chapter quite hard ooo. Pythogoras' Theorem. The spelling correct? I'm not sure.

At 11.50pm, we headed to the moral class - last subject. Felt very boring during that class. Teacher gave us a piece of paper to do the moral works. But I did some Maths questions with B.Teng because the paper that teacher gave us contained some Maths questions. Afterwards, we were chatting chatting. Go home...................

Arrived at my condominium, I saw that little girl again [ helped her open the door before ]. The access card system spoilt, so, I asked her to push the door only. We went inside the lift together. She kept looking at me. So, I started to be friendly. I asked her which school did she came from? She said 'MunYee'. I stopped talking already~ Reached my floor, I said byebye. And she also said bye bye with her soft cute voice..


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