Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Wednesday.

So lazy to write blog already~ Feeling so tired. After co curriculum. Ha ha ha.

Yesterday night. I mean this morning. Downpour heavily oo. Thunder and lighting rolling along. So scary. I was ZzZzzzZ ing. So kacau saja~ 5.30am kacau me wake up already. Usually, I wake up at 6.30am de. To be precise, I don't want to wake up.......

Started my day with going to school. After that, started the class with PJK. Wrote notes. And then got spot check. Luckily, I didn't bring anything that is wrong in the school rules. Nowadays, school got a lot of rules. Many of my friends said it's like being in a jail. Ha ha? Is it?

After that, BM class. Recess~ Boring. Everyone busy eating and talking. Leave me alone. After recess, Science. BI is the subject after Science. We did nothing. I went into the toilet four times during BI class. A lot right? Ya, because my friends keep making my hair messy. Plusss teacher don't mind, we going to the toilet so many times.

Today, I suddenly got a lot of elder sisters. I got two real elder sisters. And today + 6 more. They said they wanted to be my sister although their real ages wasn't older than mine. S.Man wanted to be my eldest sister. Okay ke? B.Teng want to be the second. Then, Sya2 third. S.Phing fourth. Z.Yin fifth. I'm the sixth one. I asked them why I'm the youngest although my age is the second oldest among them. They said I'm 天真 innocent and cute. But I don't think so.

Today got co curriculum. You would know if you read my blog carefully. Ha ha ha. Very tired. Now, my face is very oily. Not yet go to bath. First, attended Maths and Science club. Usual routine! Then PBSM, tired doing some exercises which I'm not sure with the answers. After that, it's badminton club time. As usual, I didn't bring my racket. So, chit-chatted with friends and watched others played badminton. Quite bored lah.

Just now, I told J.Eng one of my secrets. The secret is big and huge and important. Hope she can keep the secret :')


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