Monday, April 13, 2009

Old friends.

I can't deny that I miss them. Ya, very much. 1 year friendship or might be more than that. I just love them, I feel great being with them. Relax and happy. I wanted to put them back into my life. I wanted to write bout them here. ^^ Refreshing back the sweet old memories.

^ =+ Sen Geok Yen += Took this photo on a event at YeeWei's house. I still remember. Hanging out until late night. She helped me a lot. We love Maths a lot. With Ang, we get good result on Maths. She is very beautiful. A lot prettier than me. Jealous or not. Nope. She is very kind and caring. Unlike some people lah. We are still keeping in touch via SMS. I miss her and I hope she won't change.

^ += Cheong Shi Yee =+ She is a year older than me. She is taking Pmr this year. I wish her all the best. Hope she can get good good result. She accompanied me last year. When I'm alone (very seldom). She would asked me " are you okay? Why look like bad mood de? " I will always reply, " of course, all right ". We still keep in contact via MSN.

^ =+ Shen Mei Yee += We were good friends. Not the best but is good. We hang-out(ed) together. We even did went swimming together. Sweet sweet de~ We shared our secrets. Sometimes. Then after the second semestar, our friendship became tougher. Cause of some misunderstanding, I guess. We are still friends. Contacting via MSN too.

^ += Shaun Lee =+ He is 2 years senior of mine. If being asked, he never did anything good for me. But I just admire him. He is intelligent, kind and active in school. I first saw him also know he is good. I admire him for more than one year. Ha ha. Crazy right? Anyway, I wanted to wish thank you to him for not hurting me. As a friend~ Hope our friendship can last. :')

=+ Ang Cheng Heng += My math's professional. A year older than me but we were same class because he was a 'remove' student. He accompanied me going back home last year. We took bas together. Even teachers thought we were couple. And the whole school were thinking the same. But we weren't! He saved me many times when we were playing basketball. I love basketball because of him. He was really the best basketball player for me. He was kind but I treated him badly. I regretted. He sang this song ( wo bu pei - jay chou ) to me. He recorded into my handphone but unfortunately, I deleted it because was mad of something. REGRET regret regret!!

^ Above friends were my classmates. We formed a group. For presentation. We are always a group in just anything. Me, Sen, Mythili, Syifa and Ain. We did the best sometimes. Sometimes, even the worst. I missed the time we did presentation. I was always the leader. I always give them works and I just did the simple job. Bad bad~ Sob, I didn't appreciate you all when you were with me. ILY. I miss AmirahC and others Malay too.

16 August, 17 August. 16 Aug, we went to YeeWei's house for a party. And 17 Aug, they came to my house to pay a visit and we played 'tennis' together! The guards even scolded us for playing in the children playground.

First picture, Mei Yee [ see above ].
Second picture was senior Siok Hang. She smiles a lot.
Third picture was Yee Wei. She is kind and pretty.
Fourth, Wee Lee. Ha ha. My sister's friend's brother.
Fifth, Shi Yee [ see above ].
Sixth was Sen [ see above also ]. ha ha.
Seventh, Leong Siah~ I always tease him. He don't mind also.
Eighth, Shaun [ see above ]

This is 1A ( 2008 ) photo. I miss Puan Maria ( first semestar teacher ) and Puan Suriyah ( second semestar teacher ). Puan Maria was like a friend of mine. Relax being together. Not the type of relationship of teachers but friends. Puan Suriyah was my second best BI teacher. She was really caring.

My 1A friends. I won't forget this class. They were really HOT and COLD. We studied together. I was the treasurer of the class. I know them very well. Indian, Malay and Chinese, all were good. We got a chance to hang-out together. In the shakey's pizza, JJ. I enjoyed it very much. Being with them were the best I had ever felt.


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