Monday, April 13, 2009

Colourful & Dull.

Being in the new school. I think some of them love me being in SMKDK. While some don't. Some might think I'm not the type they want it. Or some might be envying and thinking that they have to share friends with me. Some think that I make their days colourful. Some may think I can teach them some subjects. I don't know.

Today is Monday. I heard a lot of jokes. From friends. And even from teachers. Attending the assembly for about 1 hour ++. I was bored. The one who was sitting behind me was S.Man. Usually, it's Z.Yin but they were fighting to sit behind me. S.Man disturbed me a lot. She pressed my stomach from the back. She wrote words on my back. She talked the most to me today.

Till then, went into the Moral class like normal. I got my medal. S.Man and B.Teng were arguing to have my medal. They said it was theirs and not mine. ==' Anyway, I laughed a lot in Moral class today. I don't understand why.

Recess~ Sit on the bench like usual also. Then, got one PKBP girl came. I thought she was normal because she looks normal. She came and touched me. I thought she was just trying to make friends with me.But no way, she touched and then she stretched my hand. So painful~ She also slapped B.Teng twice. I quickly ran away from that place.

Science~ The class was absolute noisy. They were MONKEYS around here and there.

Geografi~ Teacher told some jokes that involved me. She was giving examples. I laughed AGAIN!!

Mathematics~ Got to change place with W.Jien because they very noisy that teacher wanted to separate them. Left, right, front and behind of me also is BOY. Gr. It's all KKSiong, KKSheng, J.Yu and W.Jien's fault! Blaming AGAIN~ ha ha.



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

won jien?
won jien very quiet de wor?
how come he so noisy?....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

the two monkeys tarik him and he also jadi one part monkey.
all boys also same de~