Thursday, April 9, 2009


To announce that. I will blog less. I really got to put my heart on mid-year exam. Will be back hyper-active after that. Around my birthday May :) Cheers everybody. I mean LESS blogging, not STOP blogging. Did I make myself clear. He he.


I made my blog private. But some friends asked me not to do so. So, I changed my mind and stop making my blog private. I also think I had nothing to be keep secret. My eldest sister always said 'Privacy'. Uhm. Ha ha.

Yesterday, I had an ulcer inside my mouth. I couldn't eat peacefully. I applied some 'Bonjela' in the morning but it wasn't working. So, at night, mummy helped me put some salt on it. Oh My God, I screamed so loud. It was really painful. Grr. I think I'm lacking of water. I shall drink more water.

Ha ha. Yesterday in class, I played some spelling in class with friends. S.Man, B.Teng, KKSiong, W.Jien, J.Yu and KKSheng. I asked them to spell the word 'bungalow' in english. Everyone failed. They spelt it banglo, bangolo, bungelo. Ha ha. Quite funny. And some others words. I gave those tricky tricky words. Ha ha, Sorry :')

I felt gay TODAY. Because I have my mood back TODAY. Although tired and restless, I am happy. With something that I wasn't so sure of. Anyway, I'm happy. Gay means happy okayh. LOL.


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