Friday, April 10, 2009

Ha ha. I can't stop myself from clicking the blogger website. Already used to it. :')

The ulcer in my mouth haven't recover yet. Haiz. So painful. Every time my tongue touches it, the feeling's like OMG. Really. It's painful. How to make it go away? I hate having sickness.

Today, mixture day. First part was upset, second part was eventually happy. Every time I rethink back, I don't think my new school can even compared to my old school. My old school was far better.

Everyone wasn't suitable for me in this new place. Not that I cannot adapt to it. It's friends problems. I just hate it. 2DK11 shall be a nice quite peaceful place. But it's not. It's the ZOO. Really. Girls and boys. Malay and Indians and Chinese. Everyone. I'm getting boring with this.

Some friends were too gila-gila. Some were too polite but sometimes, crazy de(crazy different way). I pretend I like them. Except some of them which I think I can make long-time frame friends. Donnohhh la.


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