Saturday, April 25, 2009


The house is so noisy in the morning. Disturbed my sleep on Saturday! My sister cried on yesterday's incident. She was phobia as I said yesterday. Of course, she is, because the robbers placed the knife on her belly. If I was there, I think I am going to faint. But she is brave enough. They even negotiated. My sister asked him not to take her IC. She told the robbers to take everything but the IC. Because if the IC was being taken away, she needs to lodge police report.

I was sleeping peacefully this morning. I don't know if my ears are too sensitive or what. Because every Saturdays and Sundays, I could always hear what they were talking about outside in the living room. At around 8am, I started to hear some conversations between my dad, mum and sister. I ignored it as I still want to continue my sweet dream. But I couldn't. Because sister was crying and dad was scolding her. But it's not her fault right? It's those robbers' faults. No offense.

I couldn't deny that I was also heart-break seeing my sister crying louder and louder. Dad was just joking at first but my sister couldn't take it as jokes. Thus, she cries.

Robbers, burglars and the one who committed suicide / being killed. Crime's rating are getting higher and higher nowadays ( J.Head's point ). Polices are somehow useless. Ya. We all can't deny that fact right? I knew, all human-beings aren't perfect. Not even one. But we can stay away from imperfectness. Stay on the average. And try your best to stay closer to perfectness. Rambling.. So, be careful everyone!!

Just now at 1.15pm, my friends came to my house to have our study group. This is the third time I had study group in 2009 with my new friends. I went down and I met B.Teng and H.Theng. B.Teng wanted to go to my house first without waiting the two 'mo jie'. (kidding)! Kakax. I called S.Phing, and she said that they're still on their ways.

Reached my house. I placed the CD into the CD player. B.Teng, H.Theng and me started reading our science textbooks. And suddenly, 'ding-dong'. The two 'mo jie' reached already. So, we started our class. I was the first teacher. I taught them the beginning of chapter 2 which I myself was not very sure. After that, S.Phing and me took turns to teach our friends. They are intelligent but they are kinda shy to express themselves.

At 3pm, I sent B.Teng down because her mum arrived at the guardhouse already~ After that, when I reached home, I sent H.Theng down because her mum also reached already. Fully exhausted. =.- S.Phing and Z.Yin were playing my computer. Anyway, after half an hour, I sent S.Phing and Z.Yin down and they walked back home. Tired huh..



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

First,the world is not fair, so there is no perfect in this world. we must know this.......destiny in your hand! you must use it carefully!

Second,yes,i agree. the crime rate is higher than before...stay together wif partner or friend is a good way to avoid the robbing...but...even have friend or partner, they will try to do so.

third, nice? study each other....watever....juz....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

wow. you got the potential to be a lawyer.

i support you if you really want to be a lawyer, jumbohead!
fight for justice and law.

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

no way!

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

why not? a good job what. lol.