Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spending Saturday.

Pity mum. She is on leave today. She is on MC. She is having diarrhoea and vomiting. I hope she will recover as soon as possible.

This morning woke up at 8 am ++. Very early as today is Saturday! I'm very happy when it comes to weekends because I don't need to go to school and to face all those bad friends. ^.^ However, I am still having some fun at school.

At 9am, I went to Prima Setapak's market with my mum and eldest sister. My eldest sister came back [ I will blog about this later ]. I bought a new pant. My eldest sister bought a pant and a shoe. And mum bought some, of course, vegetables and groceries. Ha ha!

Sharp at 1pm, we went to Kepong to visit 'Popo' ( grandmother )~ So long never sat in a car that was driven by my eldest sister. Felt really great. I love sitting in her car. Dislike sitting in dad's car because when dad is driving/speeding, the car was a little bumpy. After that, we all headed to the shopping complex. We bought some new stuff and a new DVD player. Our old VCD player was spoilt. After a little while, we went to Aunt Melissa's house. Did nothing, so boring because no cousin to play with. Such a dismay.

Popo chose which restaurant we were going to eat. My sister is driving but she was not sure about the directions. Mum and dad kept saying turn 左(left)and my sister turn 右(right)! Sister, you don't know Chinese or you tengah dreaming? Me and my eldest sister drank a lot of tea. Many cups( my stomach was very full with water ). After our stomach were filled with some tasty food, we sent Popo back home.

Such a coincidence, Popo met one of her three-decades-old-friend. So, they chit-chatted. Popo was praising my sister in front of her friend as my sister is very intelligent and brilliant. She achieved good result in her SPM [11A1] . Popo said ' A girl don't need to be too intelligent, it's not good!' Uhm..

Reached home.. Took bath.. Wrote blog..

About my eldest sister. Wow, she is going to Sarawak tonight. To do her intern in Kuching. I'm quite sure that she will be totally homesick! ^.^ Hope she will enjoy herself there for (3) three BIG months. All the best! I'm going to miss her very very much. I mean we [my family]. I predict that tonight, mummy will cry for that! Sister is flying at 5am(sunday)!

Just now, I told dad that I wanted to follow along. Follow him to send my sister to KLIA. And then, he said 'tomorrow got study, you still want to go?' Ha ha, Dad, tomorrow is Sunday, everybody includes teacher wanted to rest, no study on Sunday is for SURE! Ka ka!



XiiaoBenDan said...

hope your mother get well soon hehe
and you every day like having fun with it...
always have blog to write xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

thank you.

but i spend most of my time here.
not yet revise for mid-year exam!
i must get bad result.
you must jia you o(dont be like me)

Anonymous said...

i am your bad friend oh i am so sad do want to friend u oledi><

Anonymous said...

just kidding hope you mother get well soon

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

happy, thank you!

i mean bad friends. not you lah.
i also got write the word 'HOWEVER'! :)