Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sports 1.

I didn't blog yesterday because my Internet connection was absolute bad. Can't connect. But today it's fine already. So i wanted to blog about sports.

Wednesday. Wosh, so tired! Went to school like usual. And after 8am, the athletes were preparing to go to SK Taman Melati as our school don't have a field. Reached SK Taman Melati around 9am. It's so spacious. So huge. I was representing my rumah sukan for 200 metres. I got number 2 over 5. I think I can get into the final but not winning any medal.

I felt lethargic when I arrived at school at around 11am. I went into the class and asked my friends about homework. Luckily, there wasn't many homework. But unfortunately, got cocurriculum. Tiring and fun at the same time.

Maths and Science club. We were playing on a thing. I don't know what it is called. After that, we were searching for words in a piece of paper. My group got number 3. Teacher said we would get marks. But marks for what? He he.

PBSM. The teacher was teaching us how to be a PBSM. How to treat sick people. Quite bored because the teacher doesn't talk all the time. There was a senior. She was quite boastful.

Badminton. Gave my card to the teacher and zoomed off. Off to the chess club. To play chess with my friends. Ha ha. Gave some weird names to our friends. "Ying zhun xiu sha. Yuk shu lam fung"(cantonese) and so on. Lol.

April fools day. I fooled many people in the school but most of them realized. Some of them don't. I was one of the 2009 April fools. I was fooled by Sen. She sent a sms to me at about 8pm. The message was written 'Call me urgently. I have bad news about you'. So, I quickly used my house phone to call Sen's house phone. After that, she told me to scroll down. Oh my, Sen had successfully made me a April fool. Me and sen talked for bout 10minutes. We missed each other very much. :) Everyone failed their attempts to make me a April fool except Sen.


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Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said... sister also get a sms like that...but that is in sister fooled by her friend..haha