Friday, April 3, 2009

Sports 3 Part 2.

Ha ha. I got a lot of parts. Sure boring reading my blog. But, continue reading la.

I slept at 2.15pm. I was supposed to wake up at 2.45pm. I set the alarm in my handphone but don't know why didn't ring? Luckily, my daddy woke me up at 2.50pm. Thanks! Then, I faster ran down. And I saw S.Phing near the guardhouse. I was late. I'm sorry. I was supposed to be there at 2.50pm. Late 5minutes le.

We walked to school together. At school, we chit-chat and jogged a round in the school. Because the competition haven't started yet. S.Phing wasn't involved. She just accompanied me. 'Lontar peluru' started at 3.30pm. I was playing it terribly. I also don't know I got number what. Teacher just announced who got 1 2 3. Which means I wasn't any of them!

I rushed home at 5pm.. I got stomachache before I started playing 'lontar peluru'.. S.Phing accompanied me again.. Half way and we split into two.. I walked home quickly.. My stomach was so painful.. Grr!


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