Friday, April 3, 2009

Sports 3.

You must be thinking I'm so crazy right? Everyday also sports. Nobody wanted to co-operate to fight for Gamma. So, I did it. Although I didn't win much, but I'm happy. I gained some marks for Gamma :)

This morning. We boarded the bas. It was so peak and pack. Pack like sardin tin. Ha ha. It's adventurous because I was standing in front. Then, everytime the bas speeds and brakes, feeling is like in the roller-coaster. He he. Reached SK Taman Melati. Third time I've been there. Three time Three day. Felt bored.

Started with 800 metres. Wow. My lips were completely dried. I need many many many water! After completing, I felt happy. I got number 4/10. Actually, I was number 5 on the first round but the second round, a girl fainted. Fainted right in front of me. Shocked. I never realize that my leg was bleeding. So unlucky. Then, I went to the PBSM. There were a malay boy and a malay girl. The boy was very good and polite. Ha ha. Meanwhile, the girl wasn't.

I told them I got to run 4x400 after that, the girl said 'cannot'! She said if I hurt myself anymore, she won't treat me. Haiz. But anyway, there wasn't anybody running. So, I ran for 400metres. My group lost on the last position. Disappointed. And certain parts of my body broke. Not broke but very very very super pain.

Me and Jing Ting (Jing Shyen's sister) talked alot today. She gave me alot advices on running. I did use her advices. We waited for the bas so long. At last, at 11.30am, the bas arrived and take us back to school. Back to class, S.Phing, B.Teng, S.Sya and Z.Yin asked me alot of questions. They were shocked to see my leg. Actually not leg, it's one of my 5 toes. F.Y.I, S.Man didn't came to school because see my funny joke 4 :)

Funny things on 3rd Arpil > My KH teacher, Farah and some malay friends were talking in front of the class. So, I joined them for a minute. They were talking about boys. Unbelievable isn't it? Then, they teased me. They were searching for a boy's name. I heard KKS(Siong) from one of them. Ah, NO WAY. Farah then said ' Ko Khai Siong tak boleh, nanti ROSAK amy!'
Funny thing 2 > My leg was being bandaged.
Funny thing 3 > While running, Manisha's hair bent came out. Wuu~
Funny thing 4 > S.Man said she wanted to get marry. So, I will be at her wedding tonight at LRT Wangsa Maju. She didn't came to school because she need to prepare for her wedding.
Funny thing 5?> That you were reading my silly blog. Ha ha.