Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday DING DONG *

Just now before lunch, I helped to clean up my eldest sister's room. Very messy and very dirty. Because she is a future architect? I saw (2) two cameras in her cupboard and she had brought (1) one camera to Sarawak . Wah wah. See this big spender fellow. 3 cameras!! She likes to waste money a lot. Extravagant you can call.

That day, the day she flied off to Sarawak. She was desperate on what is supposed to be brought and what is not. Finally, she brought one luggage and one hand-luggage. Total was 20kg if I wasn't mistaken. She brought a lot of clothes!! If you don't know she was going for her internship, you will certainly think that she is immigrating for (3) three years based on the amount of clothes she brought.

I was doing my home works just now. All 7,7, 8,8 already ~ I used 2 hours to finish almost all the delayed home works. After finish doing my home works, I helped my mum to make a cake. I helped to beat up the cake. The cake we was making just now was ' Apple Cake '. First time for me and my mum to make this APPLE flavour cake. Hope it will be delicious. Yummy.

Daddy kept on lecturing me on my future. Guess that my two elder sisters weren't as misery as me. Dad never lecture them. Erm, only sometimes, when they made big mistakes. But I wasn't the same. Since I began my form 2, dad already asking me what course I want to study. When I am in form 4, what I am going to choose. So, I simply answer probably business. Now, he asked me to read the newspaper about the Star Biz ( The Star, every Saturday). =.- I don't even understand a single thing inside that newspaper!! Grr.

I asked dad to make a timetable for me. And he did. He said the timetable for this year and next year will be VERY different. I'm okay with it. Let's talk a bit about that. 2 hours for ONLINE. 2 hours for TV. 3 hours for STUDY and NEWSPAPER. Anyway, this timetable wasn't very strict. But dad is really putting high hopes on me huh? Guess so.

Last time, he was putting high expectation for my eldest sister as she achieved 11A1 in SPM but then, her STPM result was Ok-Ok (2A and 2B). My second sister wasn't bad at all. 7A and 4B in SPM and she achieved 1A, 2B and 1C in STPM recently. They were both studying in science stream somemore. I think I couldn't follow their footstep.

Dad is giving a lot of proverb for me nowadays. For example,
1) If there is a will, there is a way.
2) The knowledge you have is just like a drop of water in the ocean.
3) Learning is the life process.
And so on so on.

Anyway, I like dad being that way. Being motivative. ^.^ But sometimes, kinda irritating. he he. Just kidding!


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