Monday, May 4, 2009

Back on Monday.

I'm back. Ha ha. I love going to school and meeting friends that I like. Rather than staying inside the house and looking at all these non-living things.

This morning, went to school. J.Eng never come. She's my only medicine. She was absent. I was half crazy because of that. But, I must continue my day without her. J.Eng, it's painful, you know?

So, a long long assembly. I would prefer a short one. And after that, we headed to the classroom. And started with Moral. I was chatting with the only one that I can chat with, Z.Yin. S.Phing was dreaming alone, I guessed. S.Man and B.Teng was busy with their Sudoku.

After Moral, recess~ Me, Z.Yin and B.Teng went to the toilet. Look at the mirror. OMG. My hair was ugly. Because that day I cut it myself ( a little ). Regretted for my action. However, I chose not to regret after what I had done.

Science~ B.Teng disturbed me a little. She played with my hand and wrote a lot of the word " I am sorry " in my textbook. Ha ha. She said sorry because she took my eraser for 3days. My eraser was scared. Scared being with her. ^-^

Geografi. Me and Z.Yin did some puzzle. Others are always busy with their works. No time to bother us. So bored. During that class, S.Sya, B.Teng and S.Man called me with the name 'mei mei' ( sister ) . Sounds GELI isn't it?

Last class was Maths~ I forgot to bring my compasses. So forgetful~ When the class ended, only I remember that Hamzah forgot to arrange 110 chairs for form 5 students. Puan Lau asked me to remind Hamzah. And I did. I reminded him twice but still, he forgot. Haiz =.-

After the bell rang, me and S.Man went to search for Puan Lau. And we found her in the Media Room with her students. After chatting and talking for a couple of minutes, we went home! Today's schooling was bored in the first half part and was fun after that. Chill~



Happy said...

sorry lo ,i am sick ma

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

yaya. i kidding onli :)
hope you recover soon~
don't want see ppl sick.