Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lollipop Tuesday.

I think yesterday, I broke a record. I smsed my friends. And I deleted my inbox once and now it's full again. I think I had use around 100 smses in not more than 12 hours. A lot huh? I should stop texting so much~

So, today at school was okay. Woke up at 6.20am. My mind was fresh but my body wasn't. Felt like sleeping again on my queen size bed. Really love my bed so much because I spend a lot of time with my bed.

Brushed my teeth, washed my face, took my bag from the study room and zoomed off to school. Reached school like normal. So happy that J.Eng came but she was sick. Hope she recover soon because she is my m*d*c*n*! ^o^

A simple and short assembly. Today, we don't get to go into our own class as form 3 students are having a talk there. Firstly, went into 3dk3. The chairs weren't enough for 2dk11's students. So, we took some from other classes. After around 5 minutes, a boy from next class came and asked for his chair back. OMG. S.Sya said I shouldn't give him back. While the Chinese boys said the boy want to 'pok mong' me. Don't know lah.

After that, headed to 3dk6. The tables were very light because it is made up of plastic. It was BM class when we were in 3dk6. Did some dialogues with Z.Yin. Recess with Z.Yin, Sherlin and J.Eng. They made my day colourful like how Sen did.

Right after recess, we went to 3dk7! Gosh, waited so long outside the c;ass because the students inside wasn't finish with their home works yet. So, waited and being teased by S.Man and B.Teng. They said he(1) is my boyfriend and then, he(2) is my husband. I'm not a playgirl. Grr.

After all, the last class was History. We went into the Media Room. It was air-conditioned. Cool and refreshing. Me and S.Sya asked for teacher's permission to go out to search for Lim Teck Yu. And he said tomorrow's cocurriculum is cancelled. Went back and did some questions given by our History teacher. S.Man and B.Teng were rushing me and the fan was strong. It made my hair messy like a SO POH (gila people).

On the way back. Jumbohead saw Z.Yin and asked her to give him permission to go into her blog. [ blur ]. Ha ha, jumbohead, I knew your meaning! Keke. Then, I popped in front of J.Eng. She was scared. I mean not scared but was shocked. He he, sorry! It's time and got to say bye-bye to friends and there I am, my home sweet home~

Tomorrow, I want to play badminton with friends/~ If they forgot to bring the racket, I am going to get really angry!



XiiaoBenDan said...

wa...100 massage :D
alot xD
by the way...don't waste too much on it...not good :X

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

ya lor.
i also dont know why~
cannot stop.
hand itchy.