Saturday, May 2, 2009

East Saturday.

Yeahh. I am going to Genting right after the mid year exam with mum, dad and second sister AGAIN. Oh my god. I'm very familiar with Genting already~ But my parents always choose Genting Highlands. Even after my UPSR also Genting Highland. But anyway, I love the cool wind there. Refreshing~ I want my exam to end fast! Real fast!

Yeayy! I am going to SMKWM2 on next Thursday (7 May). Can't wait to see my lovely friends there! I really miss to see their faces. I read your blog Syifa, he he. Don't put too high hopes on me :') I scared suddenly I can't come and that disappoints you and others. Anyway, I will TRY my EVER best to come! And the percentages is 90%. It's an A. ha ha.

Yesterday, I went to gym with dad and sister at 5pm. And went to swim with sister in the evening. I'm over exhausted. Anyhow, relax~ Too much exercise can cause me being lazy the day after.


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