Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Sour.

The last few days, I felt down. Yesterday, felt extremely sad and upset. Today, I felt nervous and excited for tomorrow. It's exam. Am I ready for that yet?

I don't like competing with others. But I hope I can win some of them. Because some of them love to boast. For those who are intelligent and not boasting around, I would really respect and salute them! :)

I knew I can do it! I'm no more a crying baby right? Sister advised me yesterday. She said I go to school, the main intention is to "study" and not to make friends. So, if the friends are bad, just stay away. I don't suffer any loss. So, I woke up from that long sleep. No more EMO posts in my blog. Only positive thoughts.

Friends.. Wake up, get up, stand up and do it right!! Gambatte. Good lucks for tomorrow's.

P/S : Happy 15th Birthday to Ang Cheng Heng. on 16th May.
P/S 2 : Happy 15th Birthday to Lim Jay Ming. on 18th May.
P/S 3: Happy 14th Birthday to Mak Hui Theng. on 19th May.
* All the best * sorry for the late wish.


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