Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mummy, love you so much.

Tomorrow is mother's day! We only celebrate one year once. ^-^

I love my mummy very much! Without her, I'm not me. Without her, I wouldn't be here. Without her, I wouldn't want to live anymore. You inspire me a lot.

Lots of love from me to my lovely mum. LOVE you so much so much. UNCOUNTABLE pure love. Mum, you are the most beautiful woman I had ever saw.

Besides wanting to wish my mum. I wanted to wish :-

To my grandmothers. Both of them. If they weren't here, probably, I wouldn't be here too. Thanks and "Happy Grandmummies Day". And remember to take care of your health. Live healthily. Love you both.

To all mothers in the world ~ "Happy Mother's Day 母亲节快乐!"

To children ~ "We only have one mum, one mummy, one mother in this world. Don't wait until tomorrow to tell mum that you love her! "


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