Sunday, May 10, 2009

My birthday~

This morning. Woke up quite early at 8am. Then, headed to the market to buy some stuffs. Mum bought a lot of groceries to cook for my birthday party.

Reached home at 9am. I helped mum to cook. I was sweating in the kitchen. So warm~ Sharp at 11am, me and my sister rushed to the Carrefour to buy something. Mum was out of stock~ Ha ha.

I ran up to the shopping complex and my sister waited downstairs at the car park. I used around 10 minutes to buy chilli sauce, tomato sauce and orange juice. Fast enough?

After that, rushed to Wangsa Maju to fetch my friends~ S.Yee, Sen and W.Lee. Wow. So miss them. We all were chatting and laughing in the car with the driver (my sister). We went to the cake shop together to buy the cake. It was a tiramisu cake.

I was quite surprised because when I reached home at around 12pm, S.Man and his brother were waiting already~ So, we chatted. Not long after that, went down to welcome B.Teng, H.Theng, Sherlin and Z.Yin~ I was exhausted running to the guardhouse several times.

After that, they started eating~ So happy can see them eating. Ha ha. They sang the karaoke for a while. Everyone was shameful. Scared to come out and sing~ He he.

At 1.30pm, we started to play games. My sister organized some games for them to play. There were 3 games. One was the ear to ear(passing information). Another one was poison box and the last one was guessing how many candies inside a tupperware. SEN won all the candies [and chewing gum]~

We played cards for a while~ W.Lee played chess with S.Man's bro(J.Hui). Me, Z.Yin, S.Yee, Sen, S.Man, Sherlin, B.Teng and H.Theng played "cho dai di" [not gambling any money].

After all, it was time to cut the cake~ They sang the birthday song in Chinese and English version~(my actual birthday is tomorrow). I felt a little shy. But after that, I wished and blew the candles. I had a lot of wishes. I took a long time to wish.

After they ate the cake, we went back to the living room~ They chit-chatted and captured pictures. Me, Sen, W.Lee and S.Yee went into my room~ We had a personal chatting. My aunty used a camera video to capture and took video of the event. Next time, I will show it.

They went home at 4.30pm. Me, Sen, W.Lee, S.Yee and Z.Yin went for a walk in my condominium, looking around the swimming pool~ After that, sent them back home. =)

Appreciation to : -
=. Mum (the cook)
=. Dad (the assistant)
=. Second Sis (the host)
=. First Sis wasn't here. Miss her so much!!

Special thanks to : -
* Sen Geok Yen
* Cheong Shi Yee
* Lim Wee Lee
* Hong Bee Teng
* Goh Sher Lin
* Mak Hui Theng
* Ang Zhen Yin
* Yap Shi Man
* Yap Kah Fai
for attending my 14th birthday.

And my aunts, uncles and cousins~ Thank you. God bless.

Sorry. I didn't invite some of you. Really sorry. Cause of some inconveniences.



jay said...

Happy Bday......
for 2moro....

No pic n video geh??
fast fast..
i want to c....haha

Fish-Shi Yee said...

soooo malu la
ur aunt keep taking my pic >//<
malu ing
haha v take alot of funy pic....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

my aunt want to upload into a dvd.
took time.
but keep going with my blog in these few days. then can see already~

thanks for the birthday wish!

Fish-Shi Yee said...

wat!!!!!!!!!malu la!!!!!!!!!!

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

tiramisu cake ar?

= ="
i prefer black forest cake than tiramisu cake....

and sorry didnt attend to ur birthday party.....because i want to celebrate mother's day with my brother's wedding also at yesterday....sorry sorry so sorry

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

no lah.
every year also got birthday de ma.
erm. wah, yr bro married dy?
very old de ar?

= happy mummy day, everyone =