Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Photo Dump.

Some random photos that I came across in my folder these few days. Maybe you saw these pictures before~
My first sister and me on one of the wedding dinner held at Klang.

Me and my second sister. After putting some make-up.

Me and mum. A little too excited in car.

Winter Solstice 08'.

When I was in standard 2 or 3, I guess. Don't remember.

Hang-out~ Wangsa Maju's besties.

My grandmother's grandchildren~

Family gathering 08'. Sueann, Julia, Chyng Yee, Amy, James and Elaine.

My parents in Genting. God bless them.

Open house~ With cousins.

My two grandmother. I was in the red [ shortest red ].

In my room. Me, Sister Elaine, Simone, Chyng Yee.
My house's dining room.

The place the adults always hang-out together~

Years back photo. When I was standard 1 or 2. [ Ulu Yam ]


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