Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Second last day.

I'm so glad that today is the second last day for the mid-year exam! I am waiting for tomorrow to come quickly! And everything is settled! ^-^ FASTER lah..

Woke up at 5.20am because today's examination is HARD and TOUGH. [ I was guessing ]. So, read a lot. Memorize a lot. Trying hard to remember. But some don't want to stick on my brain. ( cannot do anything ).

Reached school around 7am. I think I focused too much on Science that I have neglected and forget about Geografi. After assembly, went into the class.

Started the first paper of the day at 8.15am. Science paper 2~ It was easy at first. But going tougher and tougher each page. And the last question, I was confused and just used my common sense to answer. After that,. Recess~ [ rested my brain and hand ].

Back to class. Started another paper. Science paper 1. I think it was Okay [ not as what I thought ]. It was easier. Then, Geografi. I thought it would be erm... eAsY? But it came out with an Okay. The questions inside make me so BLUR and BLANK~

I am trying hard to put you away. Far away from me. The last time you have talked to me was one or two weeks ago. I am getting use to it but why you started to talk to me today? Make my life so miserable again!! And you made me wanted to put you back into my life~

And to the someone (unknown) = Don't boast because you think you can make it all, straight As. You might get all As. But you don't need to tell me everytime you saw me. I knew you are much better than me. Thanks, and please stop being proud.


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