Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exam ended.

This morning, I was quite depressed and sad. Because I haven't read for ART subject and it wasn't well planned. Rushing all over the books and places today~

So, I reached school at 7am. I was kind of scared and nervous because KH examination will start right after the assembly. But eventually, it ended up GOOD. I like that paper. I accidentally took 2 papers. I only realized that when I finished doing the paper~ Anyway, it's okay.

After 5 minutes, started another paper. What a rushed. It was SENI paper 1. Completely blank but it was a fine paper. But all those names inside the paper were unknown. I don't know who they are or who they were? Just simply do.

Recess~ Release some stress. And LAST paper was SENI paper 2. Me, S.Sya, Z.Yin, S.Man, B.Teng and S.Phing sat together on the floor. And we started drawing or colouring. B.Teng finished before one period [ 40 minutes ]. She helped us by giving brilliant ideas. I finished mine at 1pm sharp. 10 minutes to go for the MERDEKA!

ANDDDDD... 1.10pm ` The bell rang~ SCREAM? Oh my gosh, so happy! HOLIDAYS IS COMING. exam is gone! :) Are you happy about it? I am sure you are.

Therefore, here we are!! The mid-term test 2009 ended today! Officially ENDED! NO books, NO early waking, TV is here, and of course my lovely bed! Good lucks for the results.



Chrislena° said...

Happy Holidays~ Amy~ ^.^

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

you too :)
everybody looks happy today!
cause no stress anymore~