Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still not yet.

Today. Is the second day of the mid-year exam. Today, we had BI paper 1 and 2. And Sivik. This morning, got some improvement. I woke up at 6am! Surprise? Piggy waking up at 6 leh! 7 am, walked to school. Reached school. Read something. Then, assembly. After that, went back to our class.

30 minutes to the first paper. So, I chatted with Z.Yin and B.Teng. When it's almost time to end, teacher walked to KKSiong place. KKSiong was sleeping so tightly. Dreaming at nowhere, I guessed. We all looked at Puan Inthirah. She walked nearer and nearer to KKSiong. Still asleep. Teacher called him PAK CIK. Still sleeping. Teacher touched his back with her hand. Still asleep. OMG. Then, teacher took her handphone and put it beside KKSiong's ear. Teacher opened the music very loudly. At last, after about 20 seconds, only KKSiong woke up. Teacher scolded him in a funny + polite way. Lucky you, KKSiong! Because it was just Puan Inthirah!

Recess~ S.Man took my book without my permission. And when I wanted to take it back. She said she haven't finish reading! How dare you...

Back to class~ After 5 minutes. English paper 2 started. Wow. So tired. Teacher gave us clue on the literature part. I felt it is not a good way - it's so unfair. Furthermore, next class got the clue for the essay writing. They are all ready for it. Where gone the justice? After that, Sivik paper. I don't expect there is subjectives. Haiz.

Walking back home alone as I didn't see S.Phing and S.Sya anywhere. Got 2 boys riding a motorcycle. They honed at me. So, I looked at them. They said "apa pandang-pandang"! Heiii you, you hon, then I see also got wrong meh??

Tomorrow is the third day of exam. I I I am very scared of tomorrow. Because there is one of these killer papers. It's Sejarah! Oh my goodness, my crowded brain needed to delete some memory and insert new memory about Sejarah. =.-



XiiaoBenDan said...

english papers quite easy :X
love english xP
by the way...
alot people like english :X
they all scores high marks even though is just a noob that don't know english ._.

by the that take de literature book is yours?
if is yours then sorry :X

sejarah papers are sucks ><
if don't know just simply tic tac toe it ._.v

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

why sorry?
no lah. the reference book is hers.
i got another literature note book.

she dont let me borrow hers. so, i dont want to lend mine to her.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

error. english error.

*so, i dont want to lend her mine.

Anonymous said...


amy美琪-kaykay- said...

thank you , the 支持ing(support)
hee2 :)