Monday, June 29, 2009


Two more posts to go~
1) Johor.
2) My sisters.

This morning, I was helping mum to put the dirty clothes into the washing machine. This was second sister's work when she was still in KL. I was useless as I wasn't sure what to press and woke mum up to teach me.

Reached school. My friends were shaking hand with me congratulating me for my ok-ok result. Sherlin had her hair cut. After that, sat on the assembly hall. I chatted with B.Teng a lot. Left behind Z.Yin because she was sitting behind B.Teng. I couldn't talk to her. Assembly. A kinda short one.

First class, KH. Teacher didn't teach us. We decided to tell S.Man frankly about her attitude. B.Teng had changed a lot since beginning of June. And I was the second to tell her. I make my words funny as I don't want everyone to look dull. S.Man didn't answer us until I asked her about it. She said she need time to change. Well, that's very fine.

Before Moral, I told them my second sister went to University and nobody loves me, Z.Yin and B.Teng said they will love me. Ha ha. Kidding only. Then, Moral. I was playing and chatting with Z.Yin. I am sorry if I said something wrong to you because I am not very good in communicating. We did the exercises that teacher gave. I did it together with them. Fun~

Recess~ 10 minutes spent in the toilet. 10 minutes spent in the canteen. Being teased by B.Teng, S.Sya and S.Phing. They said I am being unfaithful in love. Is it?

After recess. We headed to the school hall as there was a talk on teeth. The nurse have around 10 pieces of paper to be filled in. I was one of it who helped her to fill up the form. The talk was quite boring. After that, went back to class and copied Science notes.

Geografi, went to Media Room. At last, air-conditioning. I was listen actively to the teacher. But was chatting with B.Teng on how weird and disgusting the late Micheal Jackson was. Walked back to class and have Maths as my last subject today. We were given some exercises. The exercises were real hard. I was blank and we needed help from teacher.

And then, walked home with J.Eng, S.Sya and S.Phing. It was very hot and sunny. [everyday now is hot har].


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