Monday, June 29, 2009


[ Date : 28 June 2009 ] One-day trip.

The government sent my sister to UTHM at Johor to futher her study. The government are sending all the non-bumi-putra students to far and isolated places although their results are good enough to study in KL. How fair they are right? Anyway, my sister make up her mind to go to Johor for 3 and 1/2 years.

Days before, I was very sad but I don't know how to express myself. I just kept quiet and didn't really talk much to my second sister. I hope she could study in KL yet I am too naive. The day before she left, we were talking and everything was just like usual.

That morning, we started our journey at 7am. Reached Seremban Pasar. Had our breakfast there before continuing our journey. It was a very long-hour journey. KL-Seremban-Melaka-Johor. We stopped at Tangkak to rest a while. Especially dad. He needs enough rest to drive safely.

At last, we reached Ayer Hitam, Johor at around 12pm. Sister went to have a check-up for H1N1. And then, registering. It took a long time for her to register. Parents or family aren't allowed to go in. Me and my parents were waiting outside very patiently under a tree. Mum even bought food for me to eat as you know I am very greedy in food matters.

We went to her room after that. One house three rooms. One room three persons. Living hall for study. Good enough. Her roommates' sir names were all NG. She brought as many stuff as my first sister brought years back. She took a lot of time to clean and tidy up her stuff. She is a very tidy person. She wouldn't feel good if her stuff went messy.

We went to KFC to have our lunch at 3pm. Tasty and delicious especially the new spicy crunches. I love it very much but I kept on drinking the water. We, then, sent my sister back to her campus as a lecture by the headmaster/headmistress is going to start at 5pm. Dad was planning to go home at 7/8 pm. Which will make us arrive KL at 12/1am? LOL.

We went back at 4.45pm. Stopped twice at Shalala Coffee Cafe - Melaka and Seremban. Mum bought coffee from them because we wanted to borrow their toilet. Ha ha, and finally, reached Selangor at 10pm. On the way back, dad bought some tasty delicious rambutans and durians.

Traffic-jamming in Selangor. Sat inside the car until my back also get pain. LUCKILY, some of my friends were willing to waste their money to sms with me. Help me to minimize my boredom. THANKS friends!!

^ Days before she left. Most precious moment with her. ^

^ Pasar Besar Seremban. Popular enough for the 'char siew pau'. ^

^ I can see she was very nervous. ^

^ The chauffeur. Ha ha, he is my dad. Obviously? ^

^ Parit Botak. ^

^ Tangkak. ^

^ She filling registration form. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. ^

^ She brought a lot of stuff. Cleaning and tidying up. ^

^ KFC at Johor. Yummy. ^

^ Mum. ^

^ Dad. ^

^ KFC man [what name dy a?], Elaine and mum. ^

^ UTHM. ^

^ Last moment. ^

^ Journey back to KL. Around 5 hours. Bored. Borrowed dad's sunglasses.

^ The driver's hair was messy. Once he started driving, he forgot everything.

^ Toll. RM 32.40. Expensive.


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