Monday, June 15, 2009


Why they can't lose? I mean why they don't want the believe the truth? Can't they let me win with pride after a hard work? Setting a target to be better than others is good but trying to tease people because of your jealousness is really bad, on my opinion.

If you are jealous in a good way, it will probably lead you to a better path but if you are jealous in a not-so-good way, then, the whole process will be totally out and wrong. My primary teacher told and taught me this. But I had changed the words but the meaning remains.

When they are higher than me in exam, they discriminate me. And if I got higher than them, same, they too, will discriminate me - also, stare ~ with their eyes looking at me that way, I could probably tell myself that I am one of their greatest enemies.

I don't want to repeat what I have wrote. It seemed to be a little like ' grandmother ' right? Ha ha. From the first day I knew them, I knew who they are and I wanted to change them a lot. Whether it works or not. Have to wait and see. The process is more important than the conclusion, ain't?


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Happy said...

is hard to change a people