Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday lurr.

I actually don't have the mood to write but I forced myself to write.

Papers that I got today.
BM, I got 69%. The one and only B, I have now. I am feeling sad and regret for this. Who ask me to read so many English story books and ignored BM. Now I will start to take BM seriously. BI, I got 80%. Vinosa got the highest with the marks 83%. Sri got 77% if I wasn't mistaken. And Sivik. I got 84%. Highest was 88% [ a Malay boy ]. And finally, Sejarah 88%. Sri was on 97%! WOW.

She sat on my chair because my location is more strategic than hers. I kept quiet as I don't find any reason to fight with her because of the chair. But I'm temporarily mad and angry and isn't satisfied with her.~.~

I walked home alone as S.Phing and S.Sya had to attend meeting today. Aiman, my old school friend [ I am not close to him at all ] called me from the back, 10 metres away. AMY NG! I looked at him.

I ignored him as I don't see there is any needs for me to respond him. He came nearer and he is beside me. He said ' bagi lah sikit air. janganlah kedekut sangat '. Gosh, you think I am going to give you my water? I ignored him again. And when I reached my condo's guard house, he asked ' rumah ko sini ke? ' and I nodded. 无聊!



XiiaoBenDan said...

haha amy...you all get 'As' ><
if i can then good lor...
the last "aiman" funny haha

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

you ???
why no come to school 3 days already ??
the last two days never online ..
are you sick ??