Saturday, June 6, 2009

New phone.

I support Sony Ericsson like how Shaun did.. You are the biggest fan of SE and I am the second!! Support ORIGINAL right?! Ha ha.

First first I thought want to buy phone for second sister but ended up, I bought the phone. Just now, at around 4pm, dad sent me and my second sister to PGRM to buy new phones.

After choosing for a duration of 20 minutes. At last, I chose to buy Sony Ericsson K770i. Bye-bye K700i! And hello K770i.

Thanks my eldest sister, Sue-ann, she gave me advices on buying handphone through phone calls. And thanks to my dad for supporting me. And biggest appreciation to my second sister.
K770i. I hope I can take care of it properly. Or else, I am dead~
[ almost same like my eldest sister old phone. K800i. Now my eldest sister using touch screen ler. JEALOUS. ]


Anonymous said...

omg. this phone is damn chun. jealous weh! 3.2mp. warghhh

Anonymous said...

eh. but why the screen of this phone so small one.. HAHA

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

wow mirah.
so long never comment my blog already~
same like yrs ler.