Monday, June 8, 2009

The Sunday.

Dad drove us to Petaling Jaya to have our lunch at around 12pm. Mum ate there once when my first sister was still in her womb. "Ipoh Nga Choi Chicken Rice New Restaurant" since 1977. I thought it will be an old place cause 30 years already. But it turned up to be a very modern place. The waiters are using PDA to take orders and the resit came from a computer [touch screen].

After we filled our stomach with lots of delicious food, we continued our journey to Klang. We reached Klang around 2pm. Saw my grandmother, the BIRTHDAY GIRL. Ha ha. Quite boring. Because don't have anything to do. I was jealous. Because there were a lot of babies [around 5-6]. Mum kept feeding the babies/toddlers food. Dad kept taking them for a walk. Left me and my sister alone. But nevermind, I admit! They were so cute.

Not only my sister, still got sis Pei Jing and little Pek Wen. Me and Pei Jing exchanged songs in our handphone. I wasn't very close to her as we didn't always talk. My sister and Pek Wen chit-chatting and play-play! Our eyes were very small already because we were all tired. Me, Elaine and Pei Jing went into master bed room and have our cat nap.

Woke up at 5pm. Went to playground with Pek Kuan. [haha, I played like a small child.] At last, went to the restaurant and have our vegetarian dinner. More and more babies. Everyone is holding one. So, I could say that family on my dad's side is very reproductive. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, grandmother! :) Hope you will always be healthy, happy and lovely.

8pm went straight back to KL. Mum suddenly said want to go to Aunt Melissa's house. So, dad drove us there. And chit-chatted, had our ice-cream and at 10pm, went home. So tired but wasn't sleepy. Me and mum slept sharp at 2am. :)
Dad with my cousin and the right one is my cousin's son. Big different right.


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