Wednesday, June 10, 2009


How could you! I helped you do things, you teased me back. Where the Sun had been turning? From east to west? And now it moves from west to east? What a world I am living at. AT LEAST, you should respect me and be thankful for the help.

I understand well that there are many types of people in this world. Good, bad and so on. But why I can't just get back what I have previously? Now, everything changes. Why do I need to face such people!

I am always good towards people especially school friends. Because I knew I wanted to have friends. I don't dare to beat or scratched or some even called it bully. Old school, that method worked. But new school, it don't seems to work anymore~ If I don't have the influence or some may call it power, I will be bully. But no way, I won't change my attitude because of you or her or even him.

I thought I could have at least, SOME [ let's make it 3 ] true friends in ONLY new school. But one of them turned up to be someone who loves to pretend. Are you trying to look down on me or something else? I knew I don't have the biggest influence on everything. But, I am a human. NEVERMIND, I still have 2. [ But I afraid they will turn me down someday. ]

Yah, perhaps you got some intention from her [ only ]. If you want, you could have her. There is no different for having you or not. Ha ha. Funny. And ya, maybe she is the kind of biggest or maybe most influences [ not with her personal goodness but with her violent action ]. But, it's all about your pretending right. You could act in some movies where it is all about pretending. 佩服你咯!

*sorry, lame post. but i am really mad of these peoples.

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XiiaoBenDan said...

who is that people?!?!
you tell me...i go kill them :X